Monday, April 18, 2011

So maybe blogging wasn't my thing

Hi hi friends,
Hopefully you can forgive me for my absence however I promise it was all in goodness.   Well in case you haven't guessed the first date with braces has been the only date with braces.  True story- met my lovah that night jk but seriously we had a great time and now almost 4 months later- everyday I learn something new from my boyfriend, Kyle.  And then what happened with braces...I got a boyfriend, who knew?!

promise it won't be this long before I write my next

question of the hour...should he become a follower?

Monday, December 27, 2010

***First Date Alert**First Date Alert***

He didn't run!
Learned in b-school to always start with the blot (bottom line on top) +1 for UofA

Well- is it considered a date?
If you don't already know I am a part of the fabulous online dating community,  Did you know 1 in 5 relationships start online? With 25M members, I like to consider myself 25,000,001:)

I started chatting online with this boy a couple weeks back and of course none of my uploaded pictures have my updated smile therefore as soon as I made the addition I immediately emailed him so I wouldn't be one of the girls that's a bait and switch- ha.  (I've heard the rumors- apparently taking a picture looking down makes you appear slimmer- who knew?!!  What a fancy trick!)
Well, more mature than I may be he said my new addition wasn't going to prevent him from a rendezvous. 

Last night was that rendezvous!

Cocktails at posh Olive & Ivy originally scheduled for 6, I arrived unfashionably late at 6:20 due to a run in with Camelback mountain (needless to say the gravel and I got into it and the gravel won leaving my arm, elbow and wrist scratched up) Nothing that a long sleeve shirt didn't successfully cover up:)

Getting past my delay it started off amazing - he brought to Olive & Ivy my 2 favorite Sprinkles cupcakes as well as his 2 favorites so I could try them.

4 hours later- cocktails had turned into dinner, laughs about the braces, and just getting to know one another.  Oh my - I had to edit my post, leaving out the funniest part of him telling me he had made a reservation for dinner if I was hungry- well- the look of fear came across my face!  I haven't been able to eat solid foods since Monday!  I've been eating yogurt, cottage cheese, jamba juice, etc.  I did try lo mien a few days ago but didn't go well with the pain.  Sooo of course I had to explain to him that there really isn't anything I can eat, maybe some soup- t-r-a-i-n w-r-e-c-k LOL lovely.  Well he agreed that we could order a couple dinners that may work and that it didn't matter how many we ordered even if it ended up that none of them worked with the braces- (allow me to bang my head against the wall). Successfully the ahi tuna and scallops worked- thank goodness.  Meanwhile I ate very little and the mojito, two greyhounds, and the Chopin and soda went down very nicely:)

The anxiety built-oh my gosh how am I going to get out of here without any kind of attempt at a good night kiss- again I'm not sure if I'M mature enough to wear braces!  I know - and then what happened?

So he walked me out and THANKFULLY as we agreed that we both had had a great time he promised no attempt to lock lips on the first date. - phew!  that was a close one.  If I'm possibly about to have a monumental yet likely completely uncomfortable moment puhleassse don't let it happen now with a stranger- or wait, maybe a stranger isn't such a bad idea, could he be considered practice? something to ponder

So there it is - first date checked off the list of first times with the new gear

11 months 23 days to go

I'm going to be restricting my blogs to followers only shortly so if you want to stay in on the laughs please follow, otherwise you may just get the edited version in our chats;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm pretty sure he looked at me, I smiled, and he looked away

Is it ever a good time?  whether it's to go back to school, go to training at work, or get braces, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say it seems like there is never a good time.
So here I am, 31 and made the decision to take my perfectly good smile, narrow smile but straight teeth, and add braces to develop a wide straight teeth smile.  It's something I've always noticed when looking at anyone and everyone.  To me a persons smile can make or break them- and now for me it will be an incredible challenge to get through the next 12 months, and in fact Dr Couser said 12-18 months however if I do everything he tells me, rubberbands and all 12 months it will be.  Can you think of a better Christmas present for next year?! 

If you know anything about me my life is full of adventures and I have no doubt that this will be a 12 month adventure....pending I make it.  Nothing will be about the past, unless it comes into to the present.  Everyday is about moving forward.  And here starts the 'and then what happened' part of my life....braces.

After going in yesterday for a simple consult and leaving with a new look I made my first venture out of my house.  Simple trip to the gym.  Realizing if I'm going to be wearing braces then I better have a bangin' body.  (which later I was advised by a friend that even with a bangin body - the braces would be a deal breaker for him...awesome) Anyhow, I'm on the elliptical and while I don't go to the gym to meet people I do make the occasional eye contact and smile.  (yes, sweaty and all) Today was not as fun as days past- ha.  I'm pretty sure he looked at me, I smiled, and he looked away.  Not making eye contact the rest of the time in the gym.  Yeah - awesome.  Day 1, 11 months 29 days remaining.

Happy Holidays